100 Days of The Secret

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"Ask, Believe and Let it Go. We can manifest into reality everything we can imagine. You can have the life you can imagine, just believe in the power of your thoughts, that whatever you think and with unshakable faith and feeling gratitude for it to happen, it will become real." These are the basics of THE SECRET.

Since one friend handed me the book The Secret, I have become a believer of it.

I started, as many, being exceptic and started using it only to prove it was not real... and, I was wrong, it worked! as magic! I have used it several times, it had brought me money, trips and love.

And however, I'm here again, in despair and in a very bad moment again, and so, it is time to take The Secret back! And now, I'll do it better, with all my experience using it, and more information I have read (like The Magic, and Law of Attraction).

This time, I also want to help others, by showing them day by day how my life changes from 0 to 100, and inspire others to have a greater life, like the one I'll have soon, because I believe in it, because I know everything is possible. You are welcome to follow me in the next 100 days.

Before you start following me, you can go to The Secret website www.thesecret.tv to read all about it, and try it by yourself, so you can understand my stories better.


October 2015

I had a wonderful girlfriend, she was not only beautiful but smart, everybody envied me. I had a great business, two wonderful customers that gave me a stable and high income, I had a secure financial life, I went together with my girlfriend for a magical 21-days trip to Europe and we had fantastic days thank you to my fantastic friends. Everything was just perfect, everything was magical.

November 2015

Then problems started, before that magical trip to Europe, I lost one of my two customers. I kept positive, told myself, The Universe is preparing something better for me. After the trip, my girlfriend broke up with me. That was so hard, broke my heart and broke my faith in The Secret at same time. Then things got worst, my second and last customer cut my working time. From having a stable high income of 25 000 RMB, I was now living with only 5 000 RMB, but having base expenses of 12 000 RMB... clearly, I was getting in troubles.

December 2015

My girlfriend left me one month ago, I have handled to become positive again, not thinking of The Secret, but thinking of The Law of Attraction. And is working, suddenly I'm starting to get new website design jobs, not so bad as last month.

January 2016

Problems with mi Visa status (I'm foreigner living here to stay with my daughter), they say is last time I'm granted this type of visa, I have 6 months to check what to do. 

So, here I am, Jan 28, 2016: I lost one customer, business with second one is low, my girlfriend broke up with me, I may not be able stay here for my daughther after 6 months...


Now, let's see 100 days later where I will be. For one, I can tell you, I'll be very good! and having a great life!

The Secret Day 1

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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